Best sites to make money online 2024

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Best sites to make money online 2022

The earning potential on various internet platforms has reached an extremely high level: the rational use of skills allows you to find ways to receive a constant stream of funds from various sites. 

Today we want to offer you the TOP 20 earning sites that offer the most profitable and safe terms of cooperation. 

To facilitate the process of studying our list, we have divided all sites for making money into several groups, each of which corresponds to making money in a particular area.

 So each reader will be able to find a site that suits him more than others. 

Best sites to make money online

The following are websites that will help you generate additional income through trading and investing. 

These platforms and crypto exchanges provide an opportunity to invest in shares of well-known companies, as well as trade currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

1- Capital

In the fourth place of the best sites for making money, we placed the Capital site. 

To work with this service, small investments are needed, since its essence lies in trading on the course of various cryptocurrencies, stocks, precious metals and other resources.

 After registering on the site, we go to the market, where we select an item for bidding.

 It remains only to correctly indicate the growth or fall of the exchange rate, and we get the opportunity to increase the invested funds.

The advantages of the Capital platform are a number of factors:

  1. Ability to train using a special demo account;
  2. Permanent access to courses and training events;
  3. Quick communication with technical support;
  4. The highest level of security - the site is regulated and controlled by international organizations;
  5. A large number of markets.

In addition, you can use the application from the exchange to make access to the markets as mobile as possible..

 Visit Capital >  


This is another exchange where earnings are made through trading on various valuable resources. 

The site operates entirely in Russian, which greatly simplifies the work process. 

To start using this site to earn money, just go through a quick registration, and you can proceed.

Consider several advantages of working with the Avatrade platform:

  1. A huge list of tools for working in the markets;
  2. A large number of positive reviews from site customers;
  3. Convenient software for smartphones and tablets of any operating system;
  4. Saturated markets with assets for every taste with .

It is also worth noting that Avatrade is regulated by special organizations around the world, which makes working with this platform safe, and payments are guaranteed at the legislative level.

The best sites to make money fast

We decided to start with earning sites that distinguished themselves inTheir main feature was a huge amount of positive feedback from users who decided to use the listed services. 

With the help of these platforms, you can reach a constant and stable income, if you correctly use the skills and knowledge required for earning. 


This service is suitable for people who want to start fully working on the Internet, but do not yet have any skills to receive highly paid orders.

 Here you can earn a small amount on primitive tasks, so that later you can pay for courses to gain knowledge in any area. 

Let's start with making money using skills. 

The Socpublic website contains a large number of orders, the essence of which is visiting websites, joining groups from social networks, and viewing ads.

 To complete such orders, you only need to have active accounts in most social networks and spend a small amount of time.

As for earning money using professional skills, for example, in the field of design and copywriting, you can get quite decent amounts for their implementation.

 Withdrawal of funds is carried out in a large number of ways, including electronic wallets and mobile operators.

You can also start working with this site by watching commercials.

 If some sites for making money oblige the user to install a special extension in their browser, then there is no need for this - commercials will open directly on the platform website. 

But in the process of searching for advertising, you can do other tasks on the same site. 

For example, write comments or reviews for various products and products.

As examples of tasks that are posted on Socpublic, we highlight writing comments, leaving reviews, posting ads.

 And if you find a task from the field of writing simple texts, then you can gradually begin to build up your strength in copywriting.


In second place is another service where customers place various kinds of tasks, for which a person receives a reward. 

Among the most common tasks, we highlight visiting sites, viewing ads and writing reviews. 

In the process of work, you can communicate with customers using a special chat. 

And in order to constantly receive notifications of new tasks, you can download software from VIPip to your computer or smartphone.

An interesting opportunity is to participate in an affiliate program from this service. 

In your personal account you will find a link that you can send to your friends. 

For registering through this link, you will receive a small percentage of the amount that registered users have earned.


This service is more suitable for making money in the learning process. 

Its essence lies in the fact that for filling in captchas (text characters encrypted in images), you are charged a small amount of funds. 

So it becomes quite convenient to solve these captchas, for example, while listening to a lecture or watching some training videos.

 It is unlikely that it will be possible to call the income from this site large, but there are absolutely always unfilled captchas here, so you will definitely not be left without work. 

This site has a fairly simple and intuitive design, and you can fill in as many captchas as you see fit. 

The site does not oblige you to fulfill any minimum daily in order to gain access to the withdrawal of funds. 

Websites for making money online for writing reviews

One of the ways to earn a small amount of funds is to write reviews about various goods, products and services. 

There are a number of special services for this, where, after registration, we can start writing reviews. 

Each platform sets its own minimum for a certain number of reviews, but not only the amount of remuneration is very important here, but also a list of things that we could leave reviews about.


This is the most item-rich service for making money on reviews. You can work both with domestically produced goods and with foreign options. 

You can leave reviews for food from chain stores, gadgets, interior items, and even auto parts. For each group of goods on the site there is a special section. 

It is only important to have your profile and write honest reviews.

All reviews

Before you start working with this site, you need to take into account one important fact: reviews copied from the Internet are not checked here and are deleted by moderators. 

Each text must be unique, written independently. 

Bonuses are given out for texts, which can later be exchanged either for various kinds of promotions, or for real money. 


Here, for each review, they pay not once, but for a long period of time, while your review is on the page with a particular product. 

The site has a large number of products that you can work with. 

Registration can be done using an email address, or simply log in through an existing profile on social networks.

Websites to earn money by watching commercials

One way to save up a little capital and invest it in developing your own skills so that you can take on decent paying jobs in the future is to watch commercials. 

For displaying such content and clicking on links, the user is credited with a small amount of funds, which can later be withdrawn to convenient platforms.


After installing the extension from this service, we will periodically see ads in our browser. 

It is not necessary to fully view the video, and the impression is counted after a few seconds of its playback.


To start working with this site, you will first need to install an extension for your browser.

 The link to download the extension can be found directly on the Advprofit website, and it takes no more than a couple of minutes to install it. 

Now, while surfing the Internet, commercials will open in the browser, for which a small amount of funds is charged.

Top sites to make money on copywriting

Information and content is what is around us literally around the clock. 

Ads, headlines on websites, articles about help in any situation - all this is the work of copywriting professionals. 

As a rule, copywriters are found on special sites where copywriters either post their resumes themselves or respond to assignments from people who need help writing content. 


This site is becoming one of the safest places where a person can earn money through their skills in copywriting and other areas. 

If we talk specifically about the creation of text content, then customers often place tasks on the platform for filling sites, writing articles, or translating files from a foreign language. 

And the security lies in the fact that, after the appointment of the contractor, the remuneration is deducted from the customer's account and goes to the buffer zone. 

Thus, the customer will not be able to deceive the contractor and not pay him the required amount for a well-executed task.

When working on this site, you should pay as much attention as possible to the reviews that customers leave. 

The higher the level of the performer, the higher the chance that he will be chosen to complete the task.


This is one of those services that hosts assignments for copywriters, which is suitable for beginners in this field.

 Small tasks are posted here that relate to filling small sites or writing reviews with comments. 

Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to become completely independent in financial matters when working with small texts, but it will be possible to gain experience for sure. 

In addition, the portfolio from Weblancer can be used when working on other, larger sites.

 Customers always pay attention to the reviews and work experience of the person to whom they give their task for execution.

The most important thing when working in this service is to get the first few orders. 

So you will be able to form a small portfolio that will help in future communication with customers. 

The competition here is at a very high level, so it’s hardly worth going to work on the site without copywriting skills at all. 

It is better to take courses first or write a few small articles for customers from less popular sources. 

As an advantage of this particular service, one can single out its own anti-plagiarism and the function of checking spelling, punctuation, water and keyword saturation of texts. 

Sites for earning money for completing small orders

A large number of people often need specialists in some area to perform some particular task.

 For example, the owner of an online store needs to create a design for his site once, and hire a separate person for this in the state - the solution is not the most rational and economical. 

In this case, a person turns to platforms where performers are ready for one-time cooperation.

 For the customer, such services become an excellent opportunity to receive a quality service, and for you and me, a chance to use our skills and earn a reward.


This platform has been operating for a very long time, which is why it has become one of the most reliable similar platforms among analogues.

 A clear design and the ability to communicate seamlessly with customers are the advantages of this site. 

Jobs are often posted here, such as writing comments and reviews, evaluating posts on social networks, and even filling out questionnaires on special sites. 

And if a person has skills in any area, he can take on more complex tasks and, accordingly, receive rewards for them one level higher.


A distinctive feature of this platform for completing tasks for rewards is the fact that it functions entirely in English.

 But do not be afraid, because the basic knowledge is quite enough to communicate with the customer and study the technical specifications. 

And a great advantage follows from this feature - the amount of remuneration for completed tasks is somewhat higher here than in analog services operating in Russian. 

If something becomes unclear, the site has a special section where you can get answers to a large list of questions about working with the platform.

Yandex Toloka

Tasks from this service are divided into several groups, depending on what knowledge and skills the performer has. 

Often, the customer places small orders on the site, the execution of which does not require any specification. 

In the application from this service or on the website, you can select the city in which you are ready to complete tasks.

 Examples of instructions include posting ads, checking the work of operators in agencies, and so on.


We wish you good luck with the selected money making sites from our list.

 Remember that you can only get a decent reward for honest work and perseverance. 

Do not avoid gaining new knowledge, experience and skills in as many areas as possible.

Are internet income taxable?

An individual who has received income is obliged to pay personal income tax at a rate of 13%. 

If the performer is registered as self-employed, then he needs to transfer the professional income tax (PIT). 

The amount of the payment is 4% of the amount of income received from private clients. 

If the self-employed person works with legal entities, then the VAT rate will be 6%

How to make money on copywriting on the Internet?

If you want to sell your texts, then you need to register on the appropriate exchange (for example, 

After that, the copywriter will be able to conduct business correspondence, respond to orders and complete the tasks of contractors. 

Some exchanges have article stores where you can upload finished papers on various topics. 

In this case, the copywriter will have to wait until his materials are purchased by customers.

Is it possible to make money on the Internet without special skills?

Yes, such an option is possible. 

The user can start performing simple tasks that do not require special knowledge. 

Such orders can be found on specialized exchanges (for example, Yandex.Toloka).

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