How to create free website and earn money 2024

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How to create free website and earn money 2022

In the article we tell in detail how to create a

 website and make money on it in 2024: creating a website, types of earnings, how much sites earn per month.

Every day people find answers to their questions on the Internet. 

Upon entering the page, users notice dozens of advertising banners and ads. 

Most people have questions: “how much do site owners earn and is it as easy as it seems?”.

 In this article, we will tell you how and how much they earn on their own sites (we will show the sites and the amount of income using real examples), when to wait for the first money and warn against mistakes.

What is important to know for making money on sites

Creating and promoting your own website from scratch is a difficult but reliable way to make money online.

 In order for the site to bring good money, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. 

Most online business owners warn: the first money appears only after six months, provided that a person does not make mistakes at the beginning of the journey.

But do not despair. If the work is exemplary and original, the work will pay off.

 For hundreds of people, making money online has become a full-fledged online business.

 Having promoted one page and gained skills, create dozens of others and earn millions on them.

Site creation

There are 3 ways to create:

  1. Create a website from scratch on your own, having previously acquired the skills.
  2. Hire a team of professionals who will do the main part of the work.
  3. Use the 2 methods above، Delegation can save you a lot of time and money.

To create a profitable project, at the beginning, a person masters 4 mandatory skills: design, copywriting, marketing, and learns to advance in search engines.
 It will take time to acquire 4 skills. But you want to reach a stable income as soon as possible.
 So the best way is 3.

Options 2 and 3 require investment. But this method of development will save you from mistakes that will definitely be in the work of an independent beginner.

If you don’t know how or don’t like to delegate tasks, are ready to work efficiently and hard, devoting at least 3-4 hours a day to study and work, we advise you to choose 1 way to develop an online business.

What you need to know

Here are some topics worth exploring if you want to develop yourself:

  • What is a domain and hosting
  • Basics of html and css
  • Types of site engines
  • Instructions for installing a page on hosting
  • Page promotion
  • Copywriting
  • Page monetization

In the course of work, other topics for study will appear. But we have listed the important and complex ones in the list. 
There are a huge number of articles on the Internet on these topics. 
If you want to work skills can be mastered quickly.

Site theme

Does the theme of the site matter? 
Undoubtedly! The first and most important step in the work is choosing a topic. Income directly depends on the subject.

We list below profitable niches:

  • Repair and construction
  • Cars
  • Medicine
  • Jurisprudence
  • Business
  • Real estate
  • Website building
  • Tourism

Since these topics can make a lot of money, many opt for them. 
These are the most popular topics. Accordingly, choosing one of these niches, be prepared for a lot of competition.
 An option on how to avoid it: choose a narrow topic within the niches in demand.
 Approach to the choice of topics should be responsibly.

There is a division of topics that can help with choosing a niche:

  1. Entertaining - humor, films and series. With proper management brings money. A vivid example: Kinopoisk.
  2. Semi-commercial - business, medicine, construction and design. The main difference is that you can sell services and products that you create or provide yourself.
  3. Informational - spiritual practices, useful life hacks, housekeeping. This includes topics that help a person, teach him.

Ways to make money on websites


This is a common way to make money because ads are easy to set up. 
There are 3 types of advertising:

  1. Contextual;
  2. Teaser;
  3. Banner.

contextual advertising

 income depends on the number of clicks on the information box, when clicked, the user gets to the advertiser's website.

To place this type of advertising, you must first 
register with Google AdSense or Yandex Direct. 

Contextual advertising will bring profit if traffic exceeds 3000 users per day.

teaser advertising 

differs from contextual advertising only in a provocative headline. 
It turns out to be profitable on pages with entertainment topics.

banner advertising 

advertising information is accompanied by a graphic image. 
This type of advertising is used on pages with popular topics (listed above).

Partnership programs

The meaning of the method is to receive a percentage of the profits of the product that was advertised. 

You publish an article with information about a service or information product and find customers for the seller. 

For this you receive a percentage of sales, the amount of which is set in advance.

For this type of earnings, you need to understand the topic about which you will write an article.

E-mail newsletter

To make money on the mailing list with advertising information you need:

  • Have a base of paying subscribers People need to know and trust you.
  • You must have copywriting skills.
  • The main task is to write an advertising letter and send it to the subscriber base. Advertisers are willing to pay from 3,000 to 12,000 rubles.

Sale of goods and services

This type of earnings depends entirely on the site owner. 

This method requires expertise.

If you are fluent in a topic, you can sell your knowledge. And you can sell them in 4 ways:

  • Carrying out paid consultations
  • Selling a record of your own information products
  • Conducting trainings, marathons, courses online
  • Sale of goods of own production

First, prove your expertise. 

Write articles about what you are good at.

 When people see that you have knowledge on a topic and can offer a useful product, they will want to buy it.

Income from information products or services cannot be called passive.

 Your responsibilities are not only the creation of the product, but also its competent promotion. 

Marketing and copywriting skills are indispensable here. 

The advantage of creating our own services or information products is that we will not have a ceiling in earnings.

How much can you earn on the site

Most owners hide how much they earn.

 Someone is ashamed to show the small amounts received from advertising. 

Others earn a lot of money and do not want to share secrets so that competitors do not appear in the field of creating websites.

You will not find easy money even on the Internet. 

You will have to work for at least 6 months, making every effort to reach a regular passive income on the site.

The easiest steps to get stable money from the site: choose a profitable, suitable niche, set yourself up, learn and start working hard.

In a year, you will thank yourself for the choice you made and the time spent usefully.

 And in a couple of years you will reach a million earnings.

 The main thing is not to sit and think, but to start doing right now. 

Every year it will be more and more difficult to break into the field of Internet earnings.

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