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make real money  online 2022

Many people think that in order to make money on the Internet, you need to be a famous person or own complex tools. 

Things are a little different here. 

Income depends on how much benefit we bring to the world. 

If you work 8-10 hours in some area and do not develop, then do not ask yourself why you earn little .

But if you do what you love and make a little statement about yourself, then there will never be problems with money. 

Therefore, I wrote this unusual article, where you can choose a method of earning income and relax a bit

Basically, work on the Internet is associated with freelancing. 

Freelancing is a mechanism, the essence of which is free hiring: an employee takes an order and performs a certain amount of work. 

A freelancer is paid on a piece-rate basis, depending on how many projects he has completed. 

Freelancing is common among programmers, web designers, copywriters, consultants.

Benefits of working on the Internet:

  1. Possibility not to leave the house, You can sleep in and sit down at the computer with a cup of hot brewed coffee.
  2. Independence. No pressure from superiors.
  3. Wide range of vacancies.

Is it real for beginners to make money on the Internet?

For a beginner, making money on the Internet is quite real.

 The main thing is to choose the right way and put it into practice, because 10% of those who enter this niche earn money, and the rest merge as soon as possible.

 A novice user is simply obliged to start his journey with simple earning methods.

Earning at least some normal money on the Internet is quite real. 

Here the amounts differ - you can earn at least 20,000 dollar, at least 100,000 rubles. Again, it depends on the way and amount of benefit that we bring to Internet users.

Methods make real money online

You can earn money online without investment. True, in some cases, a huge amount of time is spent to receive their hard-earned money. But in this article I will still describe some methods without attachments, maybe it will come in handy for someone.

Lets GOU!

Social media marketing

In the conditions of the development of competition, the enterprise is moving forward: it makes advertising, it is promoted in social networks, it builds personalized sites. 

The SMM manager helps him by promoting the company in groups VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram , My World and other resources. Its task is to cover as large a flow of people as possible, to interest the offer.

 This can be done by creating a thematic group with links to goods and services, adding content, articles, jokes, polls.

 The specialist must create a positive image of the company and neutralize the negative.

The SMM manager finds clients by acquaintance or through ads. 

The company pays him monthly if the campaign is successful and the influx of customers is tangible. 

To make good money, an SMM specialist takes on several companies at once. 

Anyone can learn social media marketing, even if there is no social media marketing training in the city. 

There are many online courses on SMM topics from leading universities on the Internet. After distance learning, a certificate is issued.

We advertise

Those who want to make money on advertising can be divided into two groups:

  1. site and blog owners;
  2. users who do not have their own resource.

Here, the ways of earning and the amount of profit are radically different. 

Webmasters and bloggers receive money by placing ads on their site.

 This can be a regular post in a VKontakte group or a viral video. 

Profit depends on the promotion, attendance of the group or site and the type of advertising.

 It is clear that the VKontakte group with an audience of 2 million people will earn many times more than a little-known, invisible site.

 The owner of the site is looking for advertisers himself. 

He can place a phone number for cooperation on the site page or make an announcement.

The most affordable way to make money on your own resource is contextual advertising.

 This is advertising selected according to the subject of the site and the interests of the user (site visitor).

 Placed in the form of text links and media banners when issuing search queries, targeting.

 Well-known contextual advertising resources: Yandex Direct and Google Adsense. 

Both differ in the requirements for the site and attendance, but Google has more loyal ones.

Payment for contextual display advertising occurs for clicks or for views of an advertising banner, that is, the advertiser's profit depends on site traffic.

 The income of different sites on the Internet can vary greatly, but the fact that most sites use these particular ad placement systems indicates good earnings.

Sometimes "clicks" are cheated by hiring ordinary users.

 For each click on the link they are paid money. You won’t earn a million on this, but you can easily get blacklisted by Google Adsense or Yandex.

Web writing (copywriting)

If you know how to write competently to write and to interest the public, write articles. 

To do this, register on any text exchange, take an order on a topic that you understand, and write.

 It could be:

  1. copywriting - writing completely unique articles on a given topic, using several sources and my knowledge;
  2. rewriting - rewriting articles while maintaining the meaning of the original article;
  3. translations of texts, etc.

Recommended text exchanges:,,, 

There are many orders for any topic, a convenient interface, and on there is an opportunity to sell photos.

Scheme of action: if you liked the order - apply.

 Interested in the customer - he entrusts you with the project. 

Pay is about the same everywhere.

 For beginners - 10-30 rubles for 1000 characters, for experienced copywriters - from 100 rubles for 1000 characters.

 At the first stages of work, they take inexpensive orders to earn a rating.

You can also write articles for sale on text exchanges.

 These are master classes, poems, works on social topics, works on psychology, news, reviews, etc.

Installing apps and games

Here, the employee is required to go to the internal application store, download the program, install, open. 

Sometimes - rate and write a review. 

Often, after the first launch and receiving a monetary reward, you can remove the program.

 However, some developers ask not to delete at least 1-7 days.

The best applications for installing programs:

  1. AppCent. For each download, coins are awarded, which can later be exchanged for real money.
  2. AppCoins. Here they earn money in other simple ways: watching ads and videos, downloading paid applications for free.
  3. appbonus. Download 2-4 applications per day for 1-3 rubles per installation.

The pay is cheap, but for a year of five-minute employment per day, you can earn almost 5,000 rubles.


You can earn money online without investment by giving knowledge.

 We give remote lessons in English, mathematics, preparation for the exam, medical, legal and psychological consultations. 

Online education is very much in demand in the conditions of a frantic pace of life. 

You can find potential customers through social networks, through freelance exchanges, through acquaintances.

 You can consult both individual users and companies via Skype, Google Talk, VKontakte, etc. Payment by agreement: fixed for answering a question or hourly.

Exchange Kwork

This is a freelance exchange for executing orders:

  1. writing reviews and comments;
  2. creating a logo;
  3. Web design;
  4. website development and layout;
  5. engineering, etc.

The salary here is fixed - 500 rubles per task, so you protect yourself from fraud.

All you need to make money on the stock exchange is to register, provide information about yourself and find a task.

YouTube channel

It is easy to make money on the Internet without investments in by creating your own YouTube channel.

 YouTube is owned by Google, so to upload a video, register your Google account at 

Next, design your channel on YouTube: come up with a personal design or hire a designer.

 This will take time, and sometimes investment, but the level of trust in your channel will grow. Judge by the cover. 

Then monetize the channel according to the instructions in the "My Channel" section, upload your own videos and find direct advertisers. 

The topics of the videos range from funny with actual jokes to master classes.

The average earnings on YouTube are $1-2 per 1000 video views, so the more videos, subscribers, the more you can earn. 

The project is quite laborious, it takes time, but it pays off over time (see How and how much can 


This is a fast way to make money online without investment.

 Companies often conduct surveys to identify the attitude of citizens to new technologies, services and invest large sums in research. 

On average, one survey pays 50 rubles. 

Survey sites usually have a limit of no more than one survey per day, so it's best to register for multiple surveys at once. The best of them:,,, questionnaires.rf.

Website building business

Entrepreneurship is flourishing, every self-respecting company needs its own website, so making money on creating websites is now especially relevant. 

The cost of one resource ranges from 10,000 to 300,000 rubles. For a month of fruitful work, it’s really possible to earn from 50,000.


There are many jobs on the Internet that require the translation of handwritten or machine text into electronic.

 Workers rewrite books, articles from magazines, newspapers. They require literacy and the ability to type at speed. 

Jobs can be found on the sites, Yandex Work, 

The average salary is 10,000 rubles per month.

Any user can earn money on the Internet without investments. 

The simplest options are on affiliate programs, installing applications, typing.

 Other methods require serious mental investment, but the return on them is high.

 Prospective freelancers earn up to 150,000 per month.

Interesting facts about freelancing

The term "freelancer" was first used by Walter Scott in Ivanhoe.

 So he called the medieval mercenary warrior.

In the EU countries, Japan, the share of remote employees is about 30% according to data for , while in Russia it is only 1%.

More than 40% of freelancers self-taught before starting work. 

The rest received knowledge in practice.

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